Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hey MC, we might be wrong about the new "V"


Maximum Colossus said...

What does that prove? I mean, there's a priest in there. Wanna bet he's the one not crazy priest that proves the rule? And seriously, are they trying to tell me the Visitors haven't seen Independence Day? That's a real effed up way of presenting themselves. All that being said, I'm totally going to watch it. Mostly because the chick from Lost is on there, though, and for some reason I want to get on top of her. Also, the Visitor chicks are hot. And beer is cool. And I like cars too. I'm very manly.

Blogust said...

You are very manly.

The "V" is clearly like the "O" for Obama. This is hope and change from outerspace, man!

Maximum Colossus said...

Now that's an interplanetary groove I can get down on!