Tuesday, May 26, 2009

God, I Love Sports

It would not be too much of a stretch to say that sports is my greatest passion in life. Specifically Charger football and Padres baseball. With those two teams it might be hard for someone to understand my love of sports. The let downs far outnumber the accomplishments, yet I persist. And it's because single great moments can make up for years of crushing disappointments. The feeling of seeing something as it happens and knowing you've witnessed something special that will be remembered can be overwhelming. Friday night, Lebron James closed the gap in comparisons to Michael Jordan when, with quite literally a second left on the clock and his team in danger of going down 2-0 in theEastern Conference finals, he nailed a seemingly impossible three. Even if you don't like basketball, if you are a fan of sport, you have got to feel it for this Cleveland news team.

God, I love that feeling.

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Blogust said...

You're right. That scene right shows why sports are great. A news room, which is supposed to be stiff and professional, jumps in the air over a 3 pointer. Not many things can force that kind of response.