Thursday, May 28, 2009

This Is My City.

Behold the glorious workings of the minds of San Diego City Officials. I don't really know where I stand on this issue, but I love it when children's advocates collide with animal advocates.

Update: Actually, I know exactly where I stand on this issue. The joyless buzzkills of my town voted to ban alcohol on the the local beaches in an effort to make all of our beaches more family friendly. So, fuck them, they've got plenty of places to take their stupid kids. Leave the damn seals alone. Or club them to death. Either way is cool.


Blogust said...

I used to go to the children's pool with my Dad as a kid and I remember when the seals started swimming in. At first they just let us swim with them. Then they put up signs "danger seals bite." After that, don't get near the seals at all. It was like one summer we were in the cove, the next, only seals. It felt like it happened that quickly.
The whole area is built by people and I can't think of one place, except maybe the zoo, where men build it and animals takeover. I think it's madness and I'm sure La Jolla gains a lot of tourists from these seals being there, but I seem to remember it always being packed with tourists to begin with. Not shortage of tourists as far as I could remember.

CJ said...

I can't agree more with MC here, leave the seals alone or club them in the head but don't spend $700M holy hell dollars to figure it out. That makes me want kill the seals to prove a point that it can be done on the cheap...