Saturday, October 27, 2012

If Obama Loses It Will Be A Miracle.

See what just I did there?  I didn't title this piece "If Romney Wins..." Instead I brought attention to Obama. That's what seems to be the trend for the net of late.  No matter if it's conservative or liberal, posts rarely talk about Romney, negative or positve, but they do talk about Obama.  He is still our president and people had/have an intimate feeling for the man. There is no Romney revolution and the debate surge has stalled.  Maybe there isn't as much bad publicity for Romney as there was two months ago, but now there seems to be no publicity.  Romney gave a pretty good speech in Iowa yesterday and I doubt anyone heard it.  Obama is once again, for better or worse, our president and Romney is once again the outsider.

I'm starting to believe Romney needs a humanizing gaffe to become relevant again. Or more importantly he needs to be Daniel and the Lions den. He should boldly go on shows like MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC and even O'Reilly to once again make headlines.  Put faith in the idea that his candidacy and message is important and the people will see the truth. Otherwise, I fear, he will be burried by Obama's quest for "shiny objects."

He turned this election on it's head in just one 90 minute debate.  Now he needs to do it again by wrestling away the headlines.

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