Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Fat Lady Sings For Obama

It's 1:30am and I can't sleep. No reason for it really, since it's pretty standard for me as of late and so I'll take this time to talk about the debate and what just happened.
What an upsetting event.  The first hour and ten minutes were pretty boring.  A lot of back and forth and blah blah blah. I had no emotional pull one way or another on the answers given by either candidate. Sure I was irritated by some of the questions being asked such as "how are you different from Bush" but I thought Romney handled them all fairly well and without mistakes... that is until the real question came up.


What a fucking disaster.  Romney was so weak in his answer it felt as if he didn't prepare for it at all.  What is even more upsetting for me is that even though Fat Ass came to Obama's aid by suggesting O has always called the attack an act of terror when we all know he was selling the attack as a spontaneous demonstration over a youtube video (since he said as much well over a bazillion times), it still falls on Romney.  Romney needed to explain that a spontaneous demonstration and a coordinated attack are two very different things. That he was right to come out and denounce it so quickly. He needed to show that despite what Obama says, President O was more than willing to jump to the wrong conclusions. Romney needed to explain that he was right to say that OBL, although a good win, is just a piece of the whole mess. Most importantly, at least for me, he needed to explain how Benghazi is apart of the whole Syria, Egypt, Iran and Iraq crap cake that so many viewers have forgotten. Why? because the American people need to know who we are facing.  These people are butchers and Obama's policy on terror is dangerous. I really hope he takes his opportunity in the third debate to do just that.

There is no point complaining about the questions that were asked, or the interruptions by the moderator, or the unfair amount of time given to Obama to make his argument, or the fact that bitch face threw O a life line, or how all are our moderators go by the names of Lehrer of PBS, Raddatz of ABC and friend of Obamas, Crowley of CNN and for the next debate Schieffer of CBS.  That is all to be expected and it will never change. Those discrepancies exemplify the fight between group think and individualism for me. Romney has to be that much stronger and he should have pounced on Benghazi and yet he was sloppy.  If we lose this thing, I will point to that moment.

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