Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sorry, Blogust

Here's the part where I ruin Firefly for Blogust.


Blogust said...

I'm sorta of more sick of the whole zombie thing. Just like with the "I love everything bacon" meme. Both are heavily played out.
Joss Whedon will still be tops in my book but I can't believe he is as unimaginative as "Zombie Apocolypse."
I am liking the the third season of The walking Dead though.

Maximum Colossus said...

Agreed. Season 3 is like a whole different show so far. They are literally apologizing for how bad everything's been so far.

Blogust said...

I made a lot of apologies for season two, but after watching this seasons I see that it could've been so much more. Then again, I felt season 2 had long hill to climb from season 1. Thank God we no longer have granny loving gang bangers and faux science. Still, the after the little girl walked out of the barn in season 2 I've pretty much loved this series.

Blogust said...

p.s. The governor is a great character.

Maximum Colossus said...

I watched it pretty much for the Videogum recaps up until now. It's a good thing the show is getting good, because Videogum stopped doing the recaps, and without them I'd have stopped watching a while ago.

Sophia coming out of the barn should have been a powerful moment, but to me it just kind of sucked because they dragged that storyline on so long and it was kind of muted because Rick shot a little girl in the face in the very first episode. At some point it makes you wonder if Rick just hates little girls. Clearly, the writers do.

And even after that, characters like Lori, Andrea and Dale were so flip floppy in their actions that it became distracting. And Shane was comically evil sometimes, while at other times seeming like the most rational person in the room. Killing him off was long overdue.

As I said before, the writers have basically come right out and had the surviving characters apologize for being so porrly written up until now, and so far it's been a good thing.

I do, however, have a teensy problem with so completely flipping th switch on Rick. Yes, he always needed to be a more bad ass, take charge type, but dropping a machete in the inmates head was so outside the character they established that it really didn't work for me. I mean, basically, it makes his killing Shane seem much worse than it already was. Like, I'm going to kill the wildcard so I can be the wildcard? Wierd.