Tuesday, October 30, 2012

They Killed Our Imagination For Darth Vader And Obi Wan

Why not kill the rest of the characters?
Comrade has been fretting over the idea that the new Hobbit movie will ruin the Lord of the Rings for him. Can this deal between Disney/Lucasfilms do the same for Star Wars or has it already died?
I'm actually optimistic.  If this project takes off and leaves Lucas in it's dust, I'm hoping they'll scrap episodes I-III and try again.  I would say leave it alone, but I can't. It's just hanging out there, taunting me.   Those three need to be forgotten and an overwrite would be just the trick.

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Maximum Colossus said...

It's not like you can desecrate Star Wars any worse. And Disney is unlikely to let Lucas push them around. Say what you will about Disney, but they are capable of gauging what the fans want and delivering an enjoyable product from time to time. Something Lucas has been unable to do for-well, basically forever, since much of the success of the first Star Wars films can be accredited to others.

I'm excited. The Star Wars Universe is full of possibilities. I'd like to see a film about the business practices of the Jawas and how they deal with competition such as that flying Middle Eastern thing that sold Anakin to Liam Neeson in Episode One. They could do a series and shoot it like The Office. That would be awesome!