Thursday, October 18, 2012

The New Single Issue Voter: Pot Heads

If you read Zombie you will see this new voter on the rise.  Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, is not alone.

I think his hypothetical is a bit childish, but it is also a bit telling.  His main focus is a CEO killing a man in order to achieve success.  A common theme amongst any liberal and especially, I suspect, for the creator of Dilbert. His second villian however is an admission of guilt.  The president isn't the villian like he implies, but the Obama voter himself is.  Voters will vote for their man no matter how evil they are is his accusation.  Does anyone really believe that? Does he really believe his own hypothetical, or has he created a straw man in order to justify his own "betrayal" to the liberal cause?  I have my opinions of Obama, and liberals, but I can't believe they would still vote for a man accused of murder.

If Scott Adams has become a single issue voter then he should wear it proudly and not create some silly hypothetical that is designed to chastise others in order to help him feel good about his political switch.

But hold on.  I think there is a bigger truth going on. A truth he wont admit out loud.  A phenomenon that is sweeping the entire country.  Scott Adams doesn't like Obama.  He doesn't like him personally.  Marijuana is his excuse. 

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