Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Votes Are Locked In

Hurricanes and jobs reports will not change this election.  The people have decided.  Who will win is still any one's guess, but my bet is on Romney. Now I usually land on the side of pessimist. Normally withholding such opinions for fear of jinxing the outcome, but I can't see it any other way. The idea the majority of Americans would stay the course doesn't seem to jibe with my internal worried nature that prohibits me from getting to confident. 
There will be three types of voters this election. Those who vote for Romney, those who vote for Obama and those who don't vote for Obama. Everyday Romney is becoming more likable while Obama is becoming less and it's making liberals less likable as well.
Watch any liberal news channel and you'll see. Their snarky condescension that made liberals appear enlightened and conservatives bafoons has turned into panicked rage. Before they laughed behind the backs of the party who brought George Bush and now they are screaming in the face of the party that is defeating Barack Obama.  Listen to any one thing Chris Matthews has said in the last week or even Andrew Sullivan for that matter and you'll see irrationale anger followed by irrationale arguments.
 When Mattews, who is floating the idea for a Garotzuva sequel, is calling people who don't believe in climate change "pigs" and Andrew Sullivan suggests that the electoral map looks like the map of the civil war (See for yourself a map side by side.) you'll notice fear is speaking, not reason.

Oh well... Not to get too far ahead.  If Obama wins, that's fine. I can handle it, but if Romney wins, Obamacare will be repealed and California will in turn craft its own healthcare mandate, but at least we'll have state's rights.

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