Thursday, October 11, 2012

That's a Bunch Of Malarkey!

My keen ally, MC, pointed that word out during the debate, but I didn't give it much thought. Apperently he knows shit from shinola better than I do.  That word is ablazed on the internet world.

Fuck it, though! I can gloat on this part. Despite my previous post, Ryan won that debate. Unless you listened to it on radio. If you watched it on T.V..... It was all "Old Man Mr. Interrupter" who smiled through his fucking dentures and forced Ryan to stop what he was saying in order to answer some fucking question that was akin to what a homeless man might ask of you if  you were unfortunate enough to be sitting next to him during a smoke break.  Still, Joe had Ryan on foriegn affairs and Ryan had Joe on domestic, but did you see the demeanor? Oh my God! It was crazy uncle Joe versus... versus... Steady Eddie.  Steady Eddie Munster.
 With his Wolfman!
I knew that gif I posted earlier in the blog would come in handy again sooner or later. 

Ryan should be proud.  He held his own.  We are another marker down to victory.


Maximum Colossus said...

Like I said last night regarding Biden's antics, they were great for people who are going to vote Obama no matter what, but pretty terrible for people who hate assholes.

Blogust said...

Biden would have given a different performance if Obama wasn't so lack-luster during his.
The thing is, Biden's bluster, to take a word from Ryan, represents the Dems perfectly. No wonder they love his "passion."