Sunday, October 07, 2012

No One Thing Matters

But as a whole it all matters.
Watching the news one would think that nothing affected the outcome of an election.  Before Ryan was chosen as Romney's running mate we were told that the VP pick didn't really affect election results, but only moved poll numbers for brief time before going back to how they origninally were.  When the Republican and Democrat conventions came through town, we were once again reminded that Conventions were no longer relevant. That they're importance resided only in that they helped whip up the base, but no more than that. Now after the 1st debate we are yet again told that the debate didn't matter and wont change how people will vote.  The VP debate will do even less.  If these statements are in fact true then why is Biden taking 6 days off to practice? Maybe none of these one things matter on their own, but when you put them all together, when everything is added up, well then we'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect in November.

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Maximum Colossus said...

He's probably taking six days off so he won't say more stupid, divisive shit to the media. Y'know, saving that for the debate. I can't wait for Thursday!