Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another Thanksgiving Post

Did you know white people taught redskins how to scalp?  In fact they paid them to do it. That's how the scalping thing amongst injuns got started in the first place. White people showed them and then kinda forced them to do it. Isn't that weird? Nevermind this quote I found
"Probably the most dramatic skeletal example of prehistoric violence in North America comes from the Crow Creek Site in central South Dakota. Archaeological excavations revealed about 486 skeletons within a fortification ditch on the periphery of the habitation area. The site represents the Initial Coalescent period and dates to about 1325. P. Willey's analysis revealed that 90% of the individuals had cut marks characteristic of scalping."
Anyway, Quentin Tarantino revealed this truth about white settlers teaching the redman their scalping technique on NPR a few years ago after Inglorious Bastards hit the theaters.  I was so floored by his statement and by the fact that NPR didn't even challenge him on it that I spoke to "friends" of what I learned.  Little did I know, that according to the majority of the people I spoke to, Tarantino was right. And when I say "right" I mean they believed the same line of horse shit.  And when I say majority I mean two people.  Most everyone else never heard it or even cared. Still, Civil War... It's the only option.

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