Saturday, November 03, 2012

I Have A Game

Count all the October surprises Zombie points out on this list that you remember.

If Obama wins he's not gonna have a very fun second term.  The people usually sour on presidents during their second term anyway, especially one, I imagine, that was so close to losing. The media will sour as well but only after the people do first. Journalists will finally start reporting and FOX news, the channel Obama demonized the most, will be leading the way.  Everything will be fair game and readers will seek out those who are reporting only troubling news.

Benghazi will be the beginning. 

I really do believe this will happen if Obama wins and it's not sour grapes talking either.  He is really gonna be hatin his second term. If the people can turn on Clinton and Reagan, which they did, then they can certainly turn on this clown.

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