Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Bread and Circuses

I called Blog-ust to make sure he wasn't standing on a chair with a noose around his neck.  Guess I over reacted, 'cuz he was fine.

We had a good conversation on multiple issues, but one he brought to light, which I did really get, is that Facebook is blowing up over things like gay marriage and pot.  It is still not really sinking in because to me these are hardly important issues.

Are people really that naive?  They don't care about the real problems facing our country but are content over things like legal pot and gay marriage?  Has America really reached the Bread and Circuses stage?

My goodness, I hope not.


Maximum Colossus said...

Short answer, yes. that is exactly where we are at. The Simpson's said it best. Abortions for some, miniature American falgs for others.

Comrade said...

I agree. But if you look at the a couple of posts above you will see that a couple of reasons not to go to Australia is because of its openly gay politicians. If Republicans want this issue to be a non-issue then they can do a lot more to make it a non-issue. I never felt like Romney was any of the evil things people accused him of. But the stink from the party right now has a way of sticking to some promising candidates. I watched Fox News this morning and they mentioned 4-5 Senate candidates that lost easy seats because they could not get out of their own way. To busy talking about the non-issues you mentioned and not busy enough talking about the issue we actually care about.