Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Liberals And Their Power Of Evasion

Hey, Liberals.  Can we please be honest?  You did not vote against Romney.  You voted for Obama. You did not vote against The GOP. You voted for The Democrats. 

This letter is designed, in my opinion, to argue that it's The GOP's fault for their recent failures and not the entitlement society.  It confuses me. Global warming, healthcare, abortion, war, religion, gay marriage. It's as if conservatives have been petty about such things. If we just accept that on all these issues the left was right we can move on, otherwise be thrown in the trash heap of history. If you ask me, the letter is a victory lap and not a plea.
Of all the voters in the country, white male voters were the least of Romney's worries. I am having a hard time understanding what he is suggesting.  Latinos and African Americans are opposed to Gay Marriage.  Why did they vote democrat?  Latinos also oppose abortion and so why did they vote Democrat?  Now The GOP is running towards amnesty which is an issue I've never given two shits about.  It wont hurt them, but it wont help them either. 
The writer voted for Obama and is blaming The GOP for his decision.  I find that disgusting.


Maximum Colossus said...

Who cares what this guy has to say. For one thing, he's a sciantist, so he probably hates Christians, and therefore Republicans.

Look, this is the other side. The side that won't be swayed even when it's too late for this country to save itself. Forget about fools like this.

He's too smart for us anyway.

Maximum Colossus said...

Haha, I wrote sciantist. MSNBC will probably report that.