Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Sour Grapes

My facebook is also blowing up. Excitement and demonization all rolled into one. Words like mysogonist, bigot and homophobes are a regular theme. One friend simply stated "Romney is an asshole" after the results. At first I thought we were voting on the state of the economy and national security, but my fb friends made it clear that we were voting on same-sex marriage and legalizing marijuana. Who knew?

There was a person who showed a little more awareness of the issues by posting this:
He is right to infer that this where we are headed.

Today I am having a serious problem with the I told you so's.
Now part of me wants this country to fail on so many levels.  I want us to sink into economic depression only so that I can watch others suffer. Not everyone, just the people on my facebook feed.
I want to see long lines at the doctors office and I want $9.00 gas. I want Israel to burn and China to become the beacon on the hill.  Putin as a man of the people and Islam the law of the land. I want us to be humiliated and forgotten only so that I can see it on my facebook feed.  And I want to see them still blame people like me for the worlds problems, because it is the only constant that we have right now. Liberalism is out of the box and here to stay. Obamacare was my biggest concern. It is now apart of the rest of my life and I resent it.


Now that I got that off my chest I am looking to the future.  I am focusing on my friends, family and myself.  I'll do what I have always done.  I'll vote when it's time, go to work, pay bills, celebrate the holidays and even continue to write on this blog.  But most importantly I am going to hide every liberal on my facebook.


BVM said...

I hid Miles too, and others. I'm tired of the antagonism and hateful spew. They are allowed to spew, I'm allowed to hide.

Comrade said...

OK, when listing the reasons not to do something, you typically choose the best reasons to really state your case. Openly gay judges and and a single woman atheist PM are in the top 10? Kind of overshadows the other points.