Thursday, November 08, 2012

More Of The Same

I've seen this picture about 5 times in the last day.  One day... 5 times.
And yes, I saw it on facebook. I don't think it was enough or fair to keep it on my feed and so I'm posting it here so that I may enjoy it more and more.
See what they did here? Woody is the American cowboy. Sorta old fashioned, afraid of new things and Buzz is the future. Buzz is helping Woody open his eyes and not be afraid, but Woody is afraid. Therefore we all laugh at him because he is just an old fashioned cowboy we've sorta outgrown. We don't hate him, in fact we still sorta love him, but we've outgrown him too.
And what is the future? Gay marriage and weed. That is awesome.

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