Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Why The GOP Will Never Win Again

Obama won the young vote

Unless the GOP start doing interviews with Rolling Stone or making "My First Time" videos then this will not change.

And now for conspiracies.
Which party made it easier for kids to go to college where they vote overwhelmingly for Democrats?
Which party wants the voting age dropped to 16?
And Which party gave 26 year olds the ability to stay on their parents insurance?
For me the proof is there.  That is why gay marriage, weed, womens contraception etc. are all BS issues.  Obama is not going to do anything about Gay Marriage or marijuana.  Those two are a state matter.  All he had to do was publicly fall on the side of gay marriage and oh so secretly reveal that he was apart of the Choom gang and he was one of them. As for women's contraception, well he left that up to Sandra Fluke.  Does anyone really believe that contraception was in danger? Once her job was done, poor Fluke was thrown aside. Our country is being driven by children.  People talk about their concern that we're leaving this country worse off for the kids when it's the kids who are doing it to themselves.

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Maximum Colossus said...

It's easy to be all doom and gloom right now, but take heart. Everything changes and young people are fickle. Or they grow up and their priorities change. And when you keep making promises to people over and over again and don't deliver, people will notice. And what are the Dems going to do? Trot out an African American candidate every election to lock up the minority vote without even trying? I'm sure this country has been mired mired in this sort of situation before, but they always come crwawling back, begbing for the grown-ups to save them. There is no tech bubble around the corner to save Obama.