Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Much like a date with a proctologist, that ended predictably.

Facebook is blowing up. Which is awesome. I love the idea that these people will all be hung by their own petard as I laugh and point while China forecloses on us. Because being right is what America is all about.

I can't hate my friends for being such utter jag-offs on the Facebook. Their party tells them that is how modern enlightened Americans behave. That is how their leader behaves. Who am I kidding, though? There would have been plenty of ha-ha-ing from the other side if the other guy had won, but I know it wouldn't have been me. I haven't and will probably never use social media to call my friends stupid for their political beliefs, but that's just me. And truthfully, I know the other guy wasn't all that spectacular either. But given the alternative...

I'm ashamed of this country. I'm ashamed of the selfishness that drives people to vote for a man who promises things he can't possibly deliver. I'm ashamed of adults who cling to the naive belief that there is a perfect world. A Utopia built on compassion and promises with no foundation in the real world. I'm ashamed of a society that refuses to grow up and shapes it's views by standing around at cocktail parties and patting other likeminded, shiftless children on the back for agreeing with them.

What a sucky day.

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Blogust said...

I feel bad for Romney. To lose to Obama must be demoralizing. But knowing the little bit about Romney that I do I'm sure he comforted himself with a peanutbutter and honey sandwich and a glass of milk. I personally think he would have made a good president and I am saddened that we'll never see the country he would have laid out for us.