Monday, March 28, 2011

Anyone Watch The President Speak?

OK, let me start off by saying this. Our objective in Libya is not for humanitarian reasons like the president said it was. I don't believe it is for one second and I don't think Obama believes it either. The objective is to rid Gaddafi by taking advantage of an uprising. It's one of those once in a lifetime opportunities and Obama took it. Although in a half assed non-committal sorta way (and maybe even while kicking and screaming). Saying that The U.S. is handing operations to NATO is the same as saying The U.S. is handing operations to The U.S. When he says things like, "We're fighting for civilians" or "We're letting others take the lead" really makes him sound wishy-washy. He needs to own his decision. Unless, of course, he regrets it. In that case, he isn't wishy-washy. He's afraid. Which is a bummer. I really am goiong to give him the benefit of the doubt here. If Gaddafi eats it, I will have just a tad more respect for Obama.

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Maximum Colossus said...

I thought we were fighting for Europe's oil.