Friday, March 11, 2011

More Stuff That Sucks

So, I've already called out Queens of the Stone Age here for their boring, droning version of rock music that makes me car sick when I hear more than a couple of minutes of it at a time. Well, now it's time to stir the pot a little more.

Today, I'm looking at Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, or as i like to call them, the Broken Lizard of England. These dudes are the masters of the swing and miss in my book. High concept meets low delivery.

Shawn of the Dead? Great idea. Where are the laughs? Killing zombies with LPs while riffing on the bands? Meh. Hiding out in a pub during the zombie apocalypse? What dedicated nerd over 21 hasn't thought of that? If you're going to play the zombie apocalypse for laughs, you got to have jokes and not just funny ideas.

Hot Fuzz? Pretty much the same. Clever ideas with no real payoff. Ooooh, the old people are foul mouthed gun toting criminals! Hilarious.

Run, Fatboy Run? Never saw it.

And now we have Paul. The alien is a stoner! Nuff said.

The Broken Lizard crew does the same thing, but at least they cater to my refined sensibilities with lots of gratuituos boobs, so they remain at least partially relevant in my opinion.

So there it is. These guys suck. I'm sorry if you didn't already know. And I'm sorry if you disagree, but at least I left Ricky Gervais alone. For now.

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