Friday, March 04, 2011

New Career Path?

I've noticed that with the utter lack of creativity in Hollywood that directors tend to use songs that perfectly fit the action on the screen. For instance, in a Vietnam War move you are likely to get a scene with "Run Through the Jungle" playing while soldiers are literally running through the jungle. Or you might have a montage in a rom-com of a person going on a string of bad dates to the tune of "Lookin' for Love." Hell, there's a movie coming out today called Take Me Home Tonight which prominently features Eddie Money's "Take Me Home Tonight" in the ads. So, I've decided it's time to write songs specifically for movies. I've started on a song for use in a heavy firefight:

The guns are blazing hard and fast
Good guys backs against the wall
But here comes the guy you thought was dead
We could win this after all!

Fighting for freedom
Or against a drug cartel
Or maybe against some kidnappers
We’re gonna give ‘em hell

How sick is that?! Now, if anybody is interested in helping me out with some rockin' guitar licks just let me know. I expect this to be highly lucrative, so let's get to work!!!


Tenacious E said...

That is awesome.

Blogust said...

They kidnapped my daughter
Or was it my sister?
Whoever it is
My trigger finger has a blister

Blogust said...

I don't play guitar, but I have a bass line. A galloping bass line a la Iron Maiden, but a lot more radio friendly.
I guess what I'm saying is "I'm in!"

Maximum Colossus said...

That's what I'm talking about, Blogust! You are such a gnarly gnarlington! Together we are Vatican Warlock Assassins with Adonis DNA! Winning!

Blogust said...

Oh God, more Charlie Sheen. Et tu Brute?

Maximum Colossus said...

You need to embrace the Charlie Sheen. One day soon he'll be dead and the internet will go back to being boring.