Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Busy Bodies...

So this gal moves to SF's SOMA (South of Market) district in 2007. That area is loaded with clubs. She starts complaining about the noise and the city temporarily revokes a club's liquor license as punishment.

The club is tired of it, so they post the gal's name and address above the city's sign explaining that the liquor license is temporarily revoked.

I squarely side with the club on this one. This is not the first time people have moved to SF and then gotten clubs and events shut down due to noise complaints.

You have to ask: Where the hell did you think you were moving to? The countryside????

More here.


Blogust said...

That's crazy talk. Posting someones name and address is irresponsible.

Maximum Colossus said...

I have to agree with Blogust there. Also, the article clearly states that there was a specific noise rule in her license and she knew that when she signed it. Just because that rule was never previously enforced, doesn't make it null and void. I mean, sure the complainer seems like a bitchy buzzkill, but the owner comes off as a bit of a petulant whiner herself.