Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You Gotta Love the News

So, I'm watching the local news here in San Diego and the anchor goes on and on about radiation levels being reported on US ships deployed to assist in Japan. There are rumors of iodine pills and chemical baths. Just your basic, "Everybody must freak out!," speculation. They finally get a sailor from the Ronald Reagan on the line and he completely shoots down everything they've been "reporting." No iodine pills. Soap and water. Radiation levels comparable to spending a month living in the desert. Basically, nothing to see here, nobody's even concerned with any of the readings they've had so far. Ten minutes later, the local news is right back to reporting rumors of iodine pills and chemical baths. And then they turn around and say that people here in America are overreacting to the radiation threat and buying up all the iodine pills in the local CVS. Gee, I wonder what would make them freak out like that? Way to go, news! Fearmongering the ratings up since the dawn of ratings.

Update: Nevermind, I get it now.

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Blogust said...

I sorta wish that I was still a kid. If I were my mom could keep me home from school like she did when chernobyl blew up and there were reports of possible acid rain.