Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Don't Get It (I Mean I Sorta Get It)

Is it me or does the tone seem to be COMPLETELY different with Libya than it was with Egypt.
I don't mean the media's tone, I mean with people in general. On Facebook or in the grocery store or at work or anywhere. Everyone seems to be indifferent about the whole affair. Conan, who was doing jokes daily, has been quiet and when our pop culture reference expert is quiet we know it's not worth thinking about.

BTW: In case anyone was wondering, Ghadaffi is on the verge of completely decimating the entire Libyan rebellion and no one is really talking about it. I find it sorta odd.

I think I know the reason too.
People look at the Egyptian rebellion as Gandhiesque. Peaceful. A peaceful uprising where students and tweeters and facebookers and shopworkers and whomever fits the mold rose up and disposed of a dictator American puppet. That and it only took a week.
Libya has become too bloody, too time consuming and too much work. The only way the rebellion will win this is if America or its allies get involved and we know that isn't going to happen.

But let's just say we did get involved. Oh man would that piss people off on Facebook.
All those facebook requests to copy and paste "Tell Obama to let Libya fight its own battles" would go to waste. Though I know this to be true, I sorta find that odd as well.
In my whole life it seems to me the only time I've ever heard the liberal collective allowing or asking for American involvement is in Darfur.
Does anyone even know where the Fuck Darfur is or what they do? Or am I proving the media is right-wing by saying that?

UPDATE: I'm changing my position. I'm going to give people the benefit of the doubt and say Japanese nuclear reactors has become more important. Which makes sense.

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