Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not The Onion

Here's an article about a mother who is suing her preschool to get back her child's $19,000 tuition as well as filing a class action suit to get even more. The reason is because the school supposedly promised to ready her child for some kind of preschoolers placement test, but instead made her four year old hang out with two year olds, thereby hurting her chances of someday getting into an Ivy League College. Fucking seriously, I did not make any of that up. You need to read the article or your going to miss gems like this:

The court papers implied the school could have damaged Lucia's chances of getting into a top college, citing an article that identifies preschools as the first step to "the Ivy League."

Whoever wrote an article about how fucking preschool is a gateway to Harvard needs to be taken out back and disposed of as inhumanely as possible. Look, I know that once people have babies, their brains generally turn to mush, but how can you blame them when this is the kind of child rearing material they are exposed to in the world?

The rest of the article contains some really outstanding lawyer speak, highlighted by the assurance that the child in question will bounce back and indeed gain exceptance into an Ivy League school some day. Thank God!

P.S. People who spend $19,000 on preschool for their little angels are fucking fucks.

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Blogust said...

It sounds like she wants her $19,000 back and will say just about anything to get it.